Commercial Aluminium Products

Architectural Entrance Systems are experts in manufacturing aluminium products, offering bespoke designs to meet the requirements of commercial operations and residential projects. One of the greatest environmental advantages of using aluminium is that as a material, it is 99.7% recyclable throughout its material lifetime. 

All AES aluminium windows and doors can be designed and made to a secured by design specification; all windows can be supplied with 4mm Low E glass to provide optimal thermal resistance.

AES offer a comprehensive range of systems from bi-folding doors to organic coating of all aluminium windows and doors, for added protection and an elegant finish.

To discuss your requirements with one of our expert team, contact us on either:
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Aluminium Windows and Doors

Our AES product manufacturing specialists expertly craft each aluminium window and door from a bespoke design discussed with you the customer, to provide the perfect solution for your requirements. 

By choosing Architectural Entrance Systems as your provider of aluminium window and doors, you're in control of the whole process and can be assured that your products will be of the highest quality to offer your customers the best in the business in thermal efficiency and security!

We can accommodate all door and window orders and sizes in our factory and offer our customers the fastest lead times possible! Also we have recently started to make the increasingly popular and in demand bi-folding doors!

If you're looking for servicing and maintenance of your current projects, please see our Maintenance page for more details on the services that we can provide for you.

Organic Coating

If you're concerned about the lifetime of the products you buy from us, then it'll be reassuring to know that we ensure the highest quality finish on all of our aluminium windows and doors and can provide them in a range of RAL colours so that your products will  look perfect!

View our RAL chart of commonly requested and available colours and if there's one that doesn't match your needs, let us know and we'll inform you of the full list. 

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