Residential Conservatories

There's a lot of effort that goes into making a house  a home. Which is why at Architectural Entrance Systems, we offer a range of timeless conservatories designs in PVC and aluminium.

Whether you're looking for a contemporary and traditional conservatory style, or a complex, modern style with beautiful clean lines, AES can help you whatever you have in mind.

Examples of styles we offer include:



 T & P-shaped

 Lean-to/ Mediterranean

 Gable end


Conservatories Types

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All of the conservatories available at Architectural Entrance Systems are available in high quality PVC or aluminium material. At Architectural Entrance Systems, we understand that designing a conservatory can be confusing, so if you're undecided on what's best for you, contact our expert team who will gladly guide you through the process of designing a conservatory that's perfect for your home, on:

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Victorian Conservatory

Victorian Style

Victorian conservatories are one of the most popular styles of  conservatories on the market. The Victorian style complements all buildings and homes. Victorian conservatories are traditionally made up of five  facets and their front elevated along with ornate detailing along the ridge of an apexed roof system.

Georgian Conservatory

Edwardian/Georgian Style

Edwardian (aka Georgian) conservatories are highly similar to the Victorian style; however, instead of a curved front, they're designed with a flat front, which usually form either a square or rectangle shape.

P shaped conservatory

T & P-Shaped Style

The AES T and P shaped conservatories are so-called due to their design shape mimicking the letter. They are ideal for large landscape conservatories and combine two types of conservatory design to make a unique and bespoke appearance.

Lantern Conservatory

Lantern Style

AES lantern style conservatory designs are  larger in size than the Edwardian and Victorian styles. Each Lantern conservatory is characterised by having a  second layer of vertical windows extending from the roof, giving an  extra height, light and presence to your home and conservatory.

Gable Conservatory

Gable Style

Gable style conservatories are designed to encompass as much floor space as possible to create an excellent additional area to your home for any purpose. Generally made totally of glass, they bring in a lot of light into your home with the capability of adding one of our doors to the front for immediate access to your garden.

Lean-to Conservatory

Lean-to/Mediterranean Style

Lean-to or Mediterranean style conservatories  are the perfect solution for those with a small space but still want the luxury of a conservatory. Lean-to conservatories are commonly known as sun rooms and are renowned for encapsulating maximum amounts of light and with AES insulating windows, it will feel like you're in the Mediterranean!

Conservatory Colours  and Finishes

All of the conservatories available at Architectural Entrance Systems are available in aluminium and PVC with a wide selection of RAL colours for all aluminium products. PVC conservatories are available in a number of colours and wood look finishes. We also offer a range of different roof finishes too, to add the final touch of finesse to your home and new conservatory.

PVC Colours

PVC Wood Effects

PVC Colours 1



PVC Colours 2



Golden Oak

Golden Wood


Aluminium Colours

Roof Styles


Whatever colour you have in mind for that new aluminium conservatory, there will be one on the RAL chart that will meet your needs!

Tilled Effect
Poly carb roof
Standard Roof

Tile Effect


Standard Glaze

The Conservatory Medic

All of the conservatories available at Architectural Entrance Systems are built to the highest standard. A standard that is not always met by all of our competitors. Therefore your conservatory may require a little bit of TLC.

At Architectural Entrance Systems we are here to help with any problems that you may have with your conservatory, whether it is an upgrade from the poor performance you're currently getting out of your conservatory, or help with a damaged conservatory.

AES can provide the solution for you!

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